Ask An Angel With Zach Coelius

Zach Coelius | @zachcoelius
Managing Partner, Coelius Capital

Zach joined Jason for an hour of live listener questions across LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, some top insights were:

For founders:
Create a product that provides incredible value to your customers. This is the foundation for future success.
Even if progress seems slow, it’s more important to work on the hardest problems (like getting your next two paying customers) than going out and winning pitch competitions or credentials like Forbes 30 under 30.

For Angel investors:
Balance diversification (getting a wide exposure to good companies) with concentrating your capital in the best companies. Doing this requires making follow-on investments (where you invest more capital in a company’s later financing round).Example: If you have $100K to invest in startups (money you can lose!), start out with 25, $2K bets. Assuming 5 investments meet your follow-on criteria, put $10K in each for follow-on. This way you have put 60% of your money into the 5 best companies. (5 x $2K, 5 x $10K).