Author: cedler

Are rich people mean?

Success of any kind can distort the way we see things. And this is true of success that we experience personally, but also of success that we perceive in others. There’s research that shows, for instance, that as we become wealthier, our measurable levels of empathy and compassion tend to decrease. Those of lower economic means, in contrast, often show…
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Three theories for why you have no time

Better technology means higher expectations, and higher expectations create more work. One of the truisms of modern life is that nobody has any time. Everybody is busy, burned out, swamped, overwhelmed. So let’s try a simple thought experiment. Imagine that you came into possession of a magical new set of technologies that could automate or expedite…
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The most profitable investments of the last decade

Bitcoin +62,500% Ethereum +17,900% Netflix +4,280% Domino’s Pizza +3,000% Abiomed +2,000% Lululemon +1,300% Amazon +1,250% NVIDIA +1,180% Mastercard +1,100% Apple +840% Visa +760% Google +350% What will be the best investments of this decade? Bonus: The biggest investment rounds of the last decade: As the decade comes to a close, Crunchbase News – like…
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