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Winning The Lottery

First smart piece I ever read about how to behave when winning the lottery:

The Metaverse

Good joke about the metaverse which everyone is talking about recently:


Jeff Immelt, the former CEO of General Electric, on decision making:“1,000 books get written about leadership and change and all that stuff. Knowing what to do isn’t that hard, knowing how to do it isn’t that hard. Knowing when to do it is really hard” — Leadership in a CrisisSometimes, it’s hard to make decisions…
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In Between A Total Loss And An Endless Expense

How much should you spend? For just about everything, there’s level 1 (too cheap, total loss, all money and effort less than 1 is wasted) and there’s level 2 (spending ever more money to get not much more than investing at level 2 would have created.) This rule applies to copyediting, to used cars, to…
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How fast is too fast?

This is a great post summarizing so well the current venture investing environment.

The Physics Of Lightning

“Despite being one of the most familiar and widely recognized natural phenomena, lightning remains relatively poorly understood. Even the most basic questions of how lightning is initiated inside thunderclouds and how it then propagates for many tens of kilometers have only begun to be addressed.”— The Physics of Lightning

Is Your Nervous System A Democracy Or A Dictatorship?

Nervous systems can implement multiple forms of government simultaneously. A neuronal dictatorship can coexist with an oligarchy or democracy. The dictator, acting fastest, may trigger the onset of a behavior while other neurons fine-tune the ensuing movements. There does not need to be a single form of government as long as the behavioral consequences increase…
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Math Isn’t Boring

The problem is that our culture does not recognize that the true nature of math is art. So we teach it in a manner that would just as easily ruin any other art. … What if music education was all about notation and theory, with listening or playing only open to those who somehow persevered…
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Four Easy Ways To Respect Your Relationship

Don’t talk shit Or complain about them to your friends. If you have a problem with your partner, you should be having that conversation *with them*, not with anyone else. Talking badly about your partner will erode your respect for them and make you feel worse about the relationship, not better. Respect interests It’s okay…
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Silicon Valley In The Cloud

Failure is okay in Silicon Valley because you can fail and it doesn’t kill your career. In fact, it’s accepted that it takes multiple attempts to be successful, and thus founders are often respected simply for taking big swings.