Decreasing the Wealth Gap

As founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, Ray Dalio (MBA 1973) is well known for his ability to forecast the future. Dalio—whose foundation has committed millions of dollars to improving connectivity and providing laptops to Connecticut students in need—took a moment to share his thoughts with NPR’s Morning Edition on how the ever-increasing wealth gap could be addressed as the world’s economies grapple with the social and economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. “There’s a wonderful opportunity here, if we can operate well, to restructure the way the system is working in a way to increase the size of the pie and divide it well,” he told NPR’s Noel King.
While he did share his fear that the economic aftereffects of the pandemic could increase social unrest, Dalio offers a glimmer of optimism as well: “We still have the greatest asset of humanity—the ability to adapt and vet and come up with things,” he said. “We will get past it, but it may take a few years and it may get nasty in the process.”

Harvard Business School