Gen Z

Meagan spoke with 71 investors, all 18 to 25 years old, working in VC, growth equity, at accelerators/incubators, in student-run VC, or as angel investors.

She asked them four important questions:

  1. What trends are you interested in?
  2. What’s an unexplored area or trend you think can be served by a new company focused on Gen Z?
  3. What are your favorite “Gen Z” brands or companies?
  4. What’s your favorite mission-driven company?

Trend 1: The Creator Economy 

  • With 50 million people considering themselves to be creators, you can expect a plethora of new platforms and tools to form that help these people distribute their content and manage their business.
  • The path to becoming a creator is becoming more institutionalized.

Trend 2: Edtech

  • Expect a shift toward gamified and personalized learning.
  • Students want more project-based learning and real-life experiences from their universities.
  • Students are beginning to gravitate to more flexible formats that help them avoid debt.

Trend 3: Social Gaming

  • 90% of GenZ classifies themselves as gamers.
  • Social media and gaming are becoming increasingly intertwined.
  • People are looking for a frictionless relationship between their online and in-person lives.

Trend 4: Consumerization of Enterprise Software

  • GenZ has a very high standard for UX/UI
  • Platforms and tools like Notion, Airtable, and Figma have already begun to take advantage of the influx of knowledge among GenZ workers now flooding the workforce. Their enterprise products provide users with great UX while promoting collaboration.