Great Learnings From The CEO Of Delivery Hero In A Twitter Thread

1/10 Speed beats perfection almost every time.

2/10 Most decisions are of “revolving door” nature. Don’t waste time overanalysing. (thanks @JeffBezos)

3/10 Being yourself is always better than a loosy copy of someone else.

4/10 Focus on gradual improvements rather than step change.

5/10 It’s rarely too late to enter a market with better customer experience, see Zoom vs Skype or Google meets.

6/10 Hire people with heart. Heart really matters. It’s not just about talent. (thanks @elonmusk)

7/10 Getting 1 thing right can compensate for being wrong 10 times.

8/10 Almost always better to let teams try, fail and learn than stop them from trying

9/10 Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. (thanks Steve Jobs)

10/10 Stay down to earth. Your success is driven by a ton of luck, coincidence and amazing people around you.