Info Feed – Credit S. Smalla

  1. “We are learning in vaccines what most startups inevitably realize too late. Product is great. but most of the time, you live or die by distribution.” Correct.
  2. The Mike Speiser Incubation Playbook Incubation and execution on a different level.
  3. Interview with Mario Cibelli from Marathon Partners Equity Management How to create differential insights as an investor from factory and warehouse visits and different research.
  4. Today We Rise. Powerful.
  5. “$100M was a reasonable price for the Clubhouse round. $1B would be a low price for Clubhouse today IMO. A team of <10 people grew an easily monetizeable invite-only social app from 1 million to 2 million users in less than two weeks. Do you know how often that happens? Never.” I completely agree. Clubhouse has created something unique, truly viral, truly differentiated, with clear monetization potential, and with growth and Zeitgeist impact that huge companies could only dream of.
  6. Why $15 minimum wage is pretty safe. And why economists changed their minds on the minimum wage. I didn’t know that. Very interesting.
  7. Snapchat Wants You to Post. It’s Willing to Pay Millions. Incredible examples of small, sometimes accidental content creators earnings hundreds of thousands or dollars from Snapchat without even asking for it.
  8. How 2020 killed the Instagram brand Catchy headline and not actually what the article says. What is interesting though that the minimalist aesthetics of Instagram-first brands is being challenged on new social channels like Tiktok or older ones like Twitter.
  9. Expanding your market with branding. So true.
  10. Apple’s First Headset to Be Niche Precursor to Eventual AR Glasses