Post Corona: The four Companies

There is a stereotype that cat people are generally women who live and die alone with their cats. I find, like most stereotypes, there is some truth to this. The cat people of cat people are … bat people. It all started with a simple tweet.
Twitter is a bipolar lover (I have some experience here) in that you just don’t know who you’re waking up with. When I tweet something, I have a general idea how people will respond, but occasionally you tweet something and you wake up with Linda Blair, after the dark prince has taken purchase of her soul.
My job as an academic is not to be right as much as to catalyze a discussion that helps craft better solutions. If the previous sentence sounds like a cheap effort to smear Vaseline over the lens of all the stupid things I say, trust your judgment.
Anyways, it appears that CEOs of $7 billion tech firms and a number of women who run bat rehabilitation centers (yes, a real thing) were offended and came to the defense of mammals of the order Chiroptera. In sum, our winged friends not only are the apex predator of the most dangerous animal in the world (mosquitos), but play a key role in the production of tequila — they pollinate the agave plant. 
And suddenly … I came to love bats. 

Scott Galloway @profgalloway