15 Mindful Product Principles From Allen Zhang, Father Of WeChat

Given it’s one the most important apps in the world, not a lot is written in the West about WeChat. This is an interesting treatise on their product management values.

The Roblox Story, From An Early Investor’s Perspective

I love the Roblox story. Pretty much a decade under the radar, now mainstream. Persistence is key!

Marc Andreessen On Entrepreneurial Judgment

… the ability to tell the difference between a situation that’s not working but persistence and iteration will ultimately prove it out, vs a situation that’s not working and radical change is necessary. I don’t believe there are any good rules for being able to tell the difference between the two. Which is one of…
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Oliver Jung Writes On LinkedIn

Seed vs. Growth So here is one learning I just realized today. If you do a late stage growth investment: the more people you talk to, the more you will like it. Everybody has to say something good about a big company. Nobody will say it will die. Few people will say it will be…
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Two Worlds Of Venture

Why some founders easily raise and some have problems? Fair vs. unfair?

The Risk Of Meditation

On a cloudless afternoon in March 2017, Megan Vogt drove her truck toward a Delaware town between the coastal plain and the foothills of the Appalachians. She was on her way to a silent retreat at Dhamma Pubbananda, a meditation center specializing in a practice called vipassana, which its website describes as a “universal remedy…
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The Most Important Trait In The 21st Century

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about the many people we knew in our lives who seemed to be stagnant—i.e., not changing, not progressing, not accomplishing their goals—and the many people we knew who were not stagnant—i.e., moving up in the world, making things happen, reinventing themselves and their…
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Why It Is Good To Be Impatient

June, 2017: my partner Eve and I are stuck at the visa-on-arrival desk in the domestic transfer wing of Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa. The rest of the transfer passengers, all Ethiopian, are waltzing past us to form a monster queue at passport control. As soon as I get my precious stamp, I sprint off…
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If someone’s much better than you at something, they probably try much harder. You probably underestimate how much harder they try. I’m not saying that talent isn’t a meaningful differentiator, because it certainly is, but I think people generally underestimate how effort needs to be poured into talent in order to develop it. So much…
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Kobe Bryant’s Tragic Flight

Kobe Bryant’s Tragic Flight  (Vanity Fair, 25 January 2021) This article is a timeline of the day Kobe died in the helicopter crash that also killed his daughter Gigi and seven other people. But more than a timeline, the piece gracefully interweaves details that inform Kobe’s love for travelling by helicopter, the personal narratives of…
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