Success Strategy

If there was ever a success strategy it’s this: Using what life throws at you. The actress Kate Winslet, who was not classically trained, recently explained that her secret on camera was to ask herself the question, “what can I get for free?” Meaning, if she’s tired, she uses that in the character. If she’s…
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Stefan Smalla’s Thread And My Favorites

Read the essay Shopify’s CEO sent to managers to remind them they are a sports team, not a family. It shows the growing tension between leaders and employees in the corporate world. Great message. Great mail too. Tobi Lütke is such a thoughtful leader. Retailtainment: a deep dive into the new shopping experiences…
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Fighter Mentality

Great insider thread from Dan from Coatue on Mark Zuckerberg as a fighter. Very inspiring.

Five Tempting Things You Should Avoid

Mark Manson’s post inspired me: 1. It’s tempting to be a people-pleaserIt’s tempting to go with the flow, to give up a little here, a little there, just to make everyone else happy. Conflict makes us all uncomfortable. But conflict is also occasionally necessary, to stand up for what we need, to know who we are. Sometimes…
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Rethinking Your Position

You’re entitled to your own opinion if you keep your opinion to yourself. If you decide to say it out loud, then I think you have a responsibility to be open to changing your mind in the face of better logic or stronger data. I think if you’re willing to voice an opinion, you should…
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The Insider Story Of Waze

Good insights about the story behind Waze and very great learnings.

Meeting Nullification

Here are two policies it might be fun to try for a week: Meeting abstention: Anyone invited to an internal meeting has the power to opt-out. “Send me the summary, please.” If someone abstains, they give up their ability to have a say in the meeting, but most meetings these days don’t actually give people…
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Tiny Thought

In life, you don’t need to know the answers to all the questions. But don’t try to lie that you do. Anyone worth partnering with can spot an amateur liar. Professional liars have a tell. They always need to find a new person to fool because the people they’ve duped in the past don’t want…
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Google’s Project Starline: Feel Like You’re There, Together

Incredible technology. Cannot wait for this to become commercially viable, but probably at least half a decade out.

Grit, Resilience And Determination

… the single greatest determinant of success was not talent. It was grit. Absolutely.