Christian O. Edler is an accomplished investor and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of success in pioneering sectors ahead of widespread adoption.


“I crafted a decade-long history of successful investments in venture, consistently securing exclusive deal flow.”


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“I am driven by a profound desire for success, and I find fulfillment in achieving victories within an exceptional team. I am particularly drawn to entrepreneurs who possess an in-depth understanding of their industry. My preference leans towards individuals with unwavering integrity, coupled with a harmonious blend of high IQ and EQ.”

Christian O. Edler, an investor and entrepreneur, boasts a proven track record in pioneering sectors before mainstream adoption. His investment approach is opportunistic, agnostic to sectors and business models. With a decade-long history in early-stage ventures, Christian secures exclusive deal flow for primary and secondary growth opportunities, co-investing with renowned entities like Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel, and others. His track record affords him exclusive access to opportunities in the EU/US.

Christian’s portfolio of >60 angel startup investments has yielded over 10x returns, including multiple unicorns. As an entrepreneur, he successfully recruited, educated, and led over 1,500 salespeople, achieving $500M in annual sales. His focus remains on world-class entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and significant scalability potential.

Noteworthy as a Sequoia Scout, Harvard Business School alumnus, former semi-pro alpine skier, Christian is based in both Berlin and Los Angeles.


Europe’s hottest startups.

Die Gesamtsumme der Investitionen in Deutschland von insgesamt 1,9 Milliarden Euro.

The really good companies still grow.

Chris is a true legend in a German Venture scene and was instrumental in raising $200m in less than a month. Great network, great person to work with!

Elmar Broscheit,


Christian is great to work with. Smart and energetic. He is creative and can see things through from beginning to end: ideation, product building and sales. An all-round entrepreneur, who has successfully built and sold many companies already, yet is always modest and respectful with others.

Tim Sievers,


Christian is an Angel how you would wish them to be: Super fast, thinks big and supports you in all situations. He is there when needed and gives room otherwise. You should work with Christian.

Daniel Khachab,


Christian adopts an opportunity-driven, sector- and business-model agnostic investment approach, spanning diverse strategies from acquiring startups to debt financing. His investments cover all phases and stages of a company’s life cycle, with a particular emphasis on non-listed Seed/Start-up ventures, primarily in the US.

Christian’s investment preferences center around companies exhibiting key attributes:
1. Large and Growing TAM (Total Addressable Market): Targeting markets with significant potential for expansion.
2. Market Share Winner: Investing in companies poised to dominate their market segment.
3. High and Defensible Margins: Favoring ventures with sustainable profitability and robust competitive advantages.
4. Proven Product-Market-Fit: Prioritizing companies that have demonstrated a strong alignment between their product offering and market demand.
5. Scalable Distribution: Seeking investments with the potential for scalable and efficient distribution channels.
6. Clear Path to Exit: Preferring companies with a well-defined and achievable exit strategy.
This strategic approach reflects Christian’s commitment to building a diversified and successful investment portfolio.
If you like to co-invest with Christian, follow his syndicate on AngelList.

“I have a proven track record of success in investing in sectors ahead of mainstream adoption.”

For each target sector, Christian has established a network and deal share agreement with leading global experts, ensuring a consistent influx of high-quality opportunities.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Financial Services (especially Fintech and Crypto Assets)
  3. Food
  4. Longevity
  5. Impact Investing
  6. Digital Health/Mental Health
  7. Climate
  8. Prop Tech
In each of these areas, Christian strategically leverages his network and partnerships to stay at the forefront of emerging trends, securing a strategic position in sectors poised for substantial growth.

“My angel startup investments returned over 10x including several unicorns.”

Highlights of Christian’s portfolio are listed below.


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