Giving Up Screens One Day a Week

Ten years ago, within days, my father died and my daughter was born, and all I wanted to do was end the nonstop distractions and slow time down. I needed a revolution to transform the situation, and remarkably, I found it. My husband, Ken, and I started a practice of turning off all screens and unplugging from digital life for a full day, every week, for what we call our “Technology Shabbat.” Going offline one day a week for nearly a decade with our daughters has felt like an epiphany on how to fill the day with the best parts of life, and a radical act of protection against the always-on, always-available world. Living 24/6 feels like magic, and here’s why: it seems to defy the laws of physics, as it both slows down time and gives us more of it. I laugh a lot more on that day without screens. I notice everything in greater detail. I sleep better. It strengthens my relationships and makes me feel healthier. It allows me to read, think, be more creative, and reflect in a deeper way. Each week I get a full reset. Afterward, I’m much more productive and efficient, with positive effects that radiate out to the other six days. It even helps renew my appreciation for all that I have access to online, giving me that Wow, the Internet realization fresh each week. Who would have thought technology could be more potent in its absence?

24/6: Giving up Screens One Day a Week to Get More Time, Creativity, and Connection

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