More From S. Smalla

  1. “There is only one way to avoid criticism. Do nothing. Be nothing. Say nothing.” – Aristotle 100%.
  2. How well can Magnus Carlsen identify chess positions? David Howell tested the world champion, and the result is truly mindblowing! Stunning.
  3. Nobody Cares Such important advice. “All the mental energy that you use to elaborate your misery would be far better used trying to find the one, seemingly impossible way out of your current mess. It’s best to spend zero time on what you could have done and all of your time on what you might do. Because in the end, nobody cares, just run your company.”
  4. “Who’s the most senior single-threaded leader for this initiative?” Jeff Bezos Super critical question. Any initiative that does not have someone 100% devoted to it might well be considered not very important.
  5. Nike’s Phil Knight: How to sell without selling Masters of Scale Podcast with the ultimate branding master.
  6. Misery and Joy Contrasting SF and Miami. Very insider discussion in the US startup scene, and a fun article.
  7. In Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai it says: “The extent of someone’s courage or cowardice can not be measured in ordinary times. All is revealed when something happens.” Absolutely. In tough times as well as when opportunity strikes, that’s when you get to know your leaders, yourself, your friends … everyone you depend on. So true.
  8. DoorDash IPO – Nailing Food Delivery Interesting deep dive.
  9. Escape the competition, w/ PayPal’s Peter Thiel Podcast with Reid Hoffman. Fascinating insights into Paypal’s early days from the founders.10/ Can Apple change ads? There is so much insight into Apple strategy in this article by Ben Evans.