Stefan Smalla’s Thread And My Favorites

  1. Read the essay Shopify’s CEO sent to managers to remind them they are a sports team, not a family. It shows the growing tension between leaders and employees in the corporate world. Great message. Great mail too. Tobi Lütke is such a thoughtful leader.
  2. Retailtainment: a deep dive into the new shopping experiences Wild exploration of several new leisure/eCommerce/entertainment/shoppable entertainment experiences, especially from China and the US.
  3. How Long Can We Live? “New research is intensifying the debate — with profound implications for the future of the planet.” Even more interesting than this debate is: What prolongues life beyond 80+ on average? Notwithstanding the debate on whether 120 is the max, how amazing would it be to get the average to 100+. Same direction in the end.
  4. Technology/Business Internal Memos Collection Some of the most influential internal documents. So much to learn.