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Seed vs. Growth
So here is one learning I just realized today. If you do a late stage growth investment: the more people you talk to, the more you will like it. Everybody has to say something good about a big company. Nobody will say it will die. Few people will say it will be worth less in future. With seed its the exact opposite: The more people you talk to, the less you will like it. The more reasons you will find why this company will most probably die and not succeed. Everybody you talk to will tell you at least one of these reasons. And they are all right and wrong at the same time because the company might just succeed anyways. You only must listen to yourself and its a scary and lonely decision. I passed on doordash in 2014 while listening to others on 100k at 10 cap and I today promised to myself to only follow myself and my wife with investment decisions.

Oliver Jung